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Here at Plumpton Hotels we strive to bring you the best selection of hotels that the small village of Plumpton in East Sussex has to offer. The naming history of this small village has in the past been assumed to the village history of plum agriculture however the name actually derives from and old English word 'plumpt'. This word actually means 'positioned under' referring to the village's position geographically under the South Downs. Whether you're taking a well deserved break from the stresses of city life and modern day living, or perhaps visiting Plumton for a trip to the Plumpton Racecourse, we at Plumpton Hotels will prove you with the best selection of accommodation in and around the area.

The small village of Plumpton is essentially a ribbon development having been built around the 1900's. A ribbon development is essentially the building of houses along already existing communications lines. It makes it a small village in which to escape from the bustling and busy life of the city.

If there is a fan of trains, or perhaps even a trainspotter amongst the party there will also be something of interest to them. Plumpton Railway is on the East Coast Line, and the station still operates the railway crossing manually, and Plumpton station also is the last station in Sussex to have manually operated gates.

Having such a close railway station, Plumpton's population doubles in size on race days and because of this, he railway puts on extra services on these race days to cope with demand with such increased usage on these days. Every so often the races at Plumpton racecourse are brought to the public by being televised which brings Plumpton Green to a much wider audience.

Guests staying with Plumpton Hotels may have heard of the English rock band Led Zepplin formed in 1968, fronted by Jimmy Page. Led Zepplin have sold over 200 million albums all over the world, and achieved a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005. Led Zepplin's front man Jimmy Page purchased Plumpton Place in the early 1970's. The building is an Elizabethan manor with grand moat, beautiful and not to mention extensive gardens. The credits of the Led Zepplin album 'In through the door' indicates to us that the mixing of the album was done in Plumpton Place. Jimmy Page owned the house until 1985, American venture capitalist Tom Perkins now owns the home. The building can be dated back to 1568, by a date-stone in the North Wing and the initials I.M. are still present.

A day at the races, or even a day driving around the beautiful East Sussex scenery can't be done without one of Plumpton Hotels wonderful breakfasts. We like to go for the traditional Full English here at Plumpton Hotels, sausage, egg, bacon, beans, black pudding, hash brown, fried egg and the obligatory half tomato. However cereals, pastries, porridge and other such menu items are available. If you have any special dietary requirement remember to phone on advance to ensure that your selected hotel is capable of preparing your food.

Plumpton is situated in East Sussex and there is plenty to do and explore around the area, such as the Long Man of Wilmington in the South Downs, along with other landmarks such as the castles and defence works at Bodiam, Lewes Martello Towers and Eastbourne Redoubt. For those of you who are fans of walking, get those boots on and visit the many parks in East Sussex. The Seven Sisters park is also about to become a National Park in future 0 these are a series of chalk cliffs by the English Channel forming part of the South Downs.

There is so much to explore and see whilst you are staying in Plumton Hotels, don't forget to put your feet up and enjoy your holiday!